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KikosDAO is a community driven collection of 774 randomly generated NFTs livin up on the Solana blockchain. All we do is party here, it's Solana Summer baby! Kiko means "be happy" in Japanese, so either get positive or... literally, well negative you. SO check it.. we're launching for FREE because we want everyone to have an equal chance. Get ready for your all in one ticket to our IRL events, Mushroom Hunts (cuz we loveee those heh), Exclusive Merch, KikoDAO, and more. Oh, and by the way, all of this is only for the first version of our roadmap. Ready to party Kiko?

Why be Kiko?

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IRL Meet Ups & Global Tour

Exclusive Merchandise


Mushroom Hunts

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Yo Kikos', our Happy Army is getting ready to party all Solana Summer! MINT a FREE KIKO and be a part of our DAO. Community FIRST! Join our Discord and get active or get lost. Club SOL is LIT! Positive Vibes only.


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Phase 1: Royalty Yield Farming

 MASSIVE REWARDS make us crazy HAPPY! Earn $KIKO daily for holding your Kiko. Each Kiko you hold will earn you daily rewards that can be either swapped or used to redeem merch and more.

Phase 2: KikosDAO

Holding a KIKO NFT grants exclusive access to our IRL events, Mushroom Hunts, Exclusive Merch, and more. Most importantly, owning a KIKO NFT is your ticket to KikosDAO. KikosDAO entails that every holder has a say in what we do with the community royalties and how we mitigate our funds for creating utility and more intrinsic value in what we are building. We aim to build a strong community that supports each other while we have a fun time in the space doing what we love. We are an expanding team of builders, marketers, strategists, and influencers coming together to build and provide actual utility and structure behind our project. Lets party!